Bio Nova Autoflowering SuperMix


This is a one-component SuperMix, specially formulated for auto-flowering plants, with no specific need for longer or shorter daylight periods in order to start their flowering cycle.

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AutoFlower-SuperMix works in the same way as the already existing Bio Nova SuperMixes and can just be fitted into our existing schedules. Since the third week, when flowering starts, PK 13-14 should be combined with Autoflower-SuperMix along the flowering period.

This fertilizer consists of: 

Macro elements such as NO3, NH4, NH2, SO4, P, K, Ca, Mg and Si.

Chelated microelements such as Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu and Mo.

Vitalising organic extracts from algae and herbs.

Organic additives to AutoFlower-SuperMix like fermented algae and herbs featuring:

Stimulating of plant’s own hormone production and immune system, promoting a lower disease rate.

Strengthening the root system.

Cleaning the drip-emitter systems.

Braking down of died off roots in available nutrients.

Preserving and stimulating beneficial microorganisms.

Sustainable: usable in recirculation systems.


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